Exciting Developments in Southern California

The lady who reported to me her sighting remains anonymous. Just before noon, on June 19, 2012, in her backyard in Lakewood, California, she clearly saw, at a close distance, what impressed her as a “dragon-pterodactyl.” It had no feathers but the tail she estimated at about six feet long. The lady was almost frightened enough to run into the house, but the flying creature retreated first, flying into the dense foilage of a tree.

The apparent ropen had been perched on a telephone cable for some time before it flew away. Almost right under that cable, at the back of the backyard, is a storm drainage channel. Being twenty feet wide and almost as deep, that concrete canal would be ideal for that flying creature to fly through, especially at night, when it would almost never be observed by humans.

About a week ago I set up an automatic game camera in that backyard. After examining three days and nights of photos, I found evidence that bats may be catching insects over that channel (if I interpret the blurs correctly). Maybe bats are food for the ropen.

For anybody who might suggest that the lady saw only a bat, the wingspan of the large creature she estimated at more than six feet and the tail at about six feet long.

Pterosaur Seen in Lakewood, California

When I first interviewed the lady, she estimated the wingspan at five and a half feet. Since I have repeatedly stretched out my arms (I am a little less than six feet tall), for her to compare size, she has modified her estimate: It may have had a wingspan more than six feet. She has always been positive about the lack of feathers.

fence close to a ropen sighting location

This hole in this broken fence may be where the ropen enters and exits the neighbor’s backyard at night. The eyewitness’s husband has fixed it before, but it was soon broken into, leaving this gap.

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