Pterosaurs in Griffith Park

One week ago, on June 6, 2013, a small helicopter made a “hard landing” on a trail in Griffith Park, Los Angeles. Initial reports suggest it was from mechanical problems, so I will not speculate about any potential relationship with sightings of three “dragons” or one “pterosaur” just a little to the east of that location, earlier this year. But a variety of things fly over Griffith Park.

The point about this part of Los Angeles is the two sightings, ten weeks apart, over the Interstate-5 freeway that runs north-south on the east side of Griffith Park and the proximity to the Los Angeles River. Both eyewitnesses sent me an email soon after their respective sightings and few people do that unless they are convinced that they had seen something strange, not a common bird or bat.

At about 6:10 a.m., on March 3, 2013, a lady was driving in one of the northbound lanes of the I-5, near the Colorado Street bridge just east of Griffith Park. She saw what she at first thought was some kind of stunt, perhaps by some production company, for the three objects were obviously like flying creatures but they were not birds. She later described them to me as “three dragons.”

I received eyewitness sighting reports from around the world, mostly by emails, with at least 75% coming from the United States. A sighting in Southern California is not unusual in itself, even though I live here, but this was different. Only about 1% of sighting reports involve apparent pterosaurs in a group of more than two at a time. Three flying in a triangular formation is rare, but that’s what the lady reported to me.

After she noticed the long tails move, she no longer thought about the possibility of a stunt. Those three looked very much alive. When I received her report, they also appeared to me to be similar to other flying creatures reported in Southern California. I remembered the 2012 sighting in Lakewood, in which a lady saw a long-tailed “dragon-pterodactyl” perched on a phone line, just above her head. It was over a small storm channel. The lady reporting three similar creatures was driving next to the Los Angeles River, which is a giant storm channel.

Ten weeks after the sighting of three “dragons,” I received another email. Another young lady had just been driving on that same freeway, also northbound, when she saw a possible “pterosaur” gliding overhead. This eyewitness, however, has allowed her real name to be published: Devin Rhodriquez.

Here is part of her report:

“I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind. [It] matches the exact descriptions of a pterosaur except for the tail. I didn’t actually look for a tail. I was too in shock by the head crest and the wings. I’d love to find out if what I saw could be a pterosaur.”

Question: Where exactly was it?

Answer:  . . . right before the Los Feliz exit. Before the bridge that goes over the freeway.

Question: What was the date of the sighting?

Answer: Yesterday, so the 13th of May 2013.


In Griffith Park in Los Angeles, California: the observatory at twilight - photo by Bossco

Griffith Park Observatory and Planetarium – photo by Bossco


Dragons in Los Angeles (not birds)

The two sightings near Griffith Park are strange in themselves, for it looks like they are from the same kind of flying creatures, even though descriptions vary. They may also relate to other sightings in Southern California, including the Lakewood sighting of 2012.


Pterosaur Sightings East of Griffith Park, California

1. Flying south at 6:10 a.m.
2. Eyewitness was sure they were not birds
3. No wing flaps
4. Long thin tails had “triangular points


Perching Pterosaur, not Woodpecker (bird)

It relates to the May 13th sighting this year, a little southeast of Griffith Park. The animal was called a pterosaur by the eyewitness and she said that it had no feathers but it did have a head crest.


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