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digital book "ebook" cover: nonfiction cryptozoology published in September, 2012

Non-Fossil Pterosaurs in Australia

The new e-book on modern living pterosaurs in Australia and Papua New Guinea has little reference to fossils except in the first chapter, which explains that the early fossil discoveries were accompanied by a faulty assumption. This book is about live creatures.

How does it differ from other nonfictions about living pterosaurs, books like Searching for Ropens and Live Pterosaurs in America?

  • It’s published only in e-book format (not paperback)
  • It’s shorter than Searching for Ropens and Live Pterosaurs in America
  • It emphasizes the importance of four key eyewitness sightings
  • It’s cost is only a fraction of other books: $3.99 (US dollars)   UPDATE: It is now FREE

The Four Key Sightings in the Southwest Pacific

  1. Hodgkinson – 1944 – Finschhafen
  2. Hennessy – 1971 – Bougainville Island
  3. Lake Pung – 1994 – Umboi Island
  4. Perth – 1997 – Australia

The above four pterosaur sightings make the case, according to Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea:

Each [of the four critical sightings] rises above the average sighting; each is shocking, with no reasonable misidentification or hoax explanation; each is usually avoided by critics (who prefer ridiculing generalized hypothetical sightings that those critics themselves have imagined). Not one of the eyewitnesses was alone.


beginning of the index of the nonfiction cryptozoology book

Additional samples of index entries for this book:

  • Finschhafen Harbor (intro to first expedition of 2004)
  • Fossil Discovery
  • Four Key Sightings
  • Gomlongon Village (court summons for Whitcomb)
  • Guessman-Woetzel expedition of 2004
  • Hiding in the Shadows are the Eyewitnesses
  • Hodgkinson sighting in 1944, intro.
  • indava creatures carry away children and pigs
  • Introduction to the Hodgkinson Sighting

More about this nonfiction e-book:

“Live Pterosaurs in Australia . . .” a new Book

The new e-book Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea is based upon careful analysis of many eyewitness reports of living “pterodactyls” (called by some natives “ropen“) and upon careful analysis of the historical origin of the universal-extinction axiom.

Why the new Book?

I have no doubt that in Australia many eyewitnesses of modern pterosaurs have kept in the shadows to avoid publicity. My new e-book encourages them to come forward and tell us about what they have encountered, even if they want to be anonymous.