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Eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn

United States Marine Eskin C. Kuhn had no idea that modern pterosaurs were living in eastern Cuba when he arrived at the Guantanamo Bay military installation in mid-1971. But his sighting, in clear mid-day sunlight, is now considered a critical sighting in North America, independently demonstrating the validity of the concept of modern living pterosaurs.

Mr. Kuhn has stood by his report of the two long-tailed “pterodactyls.” Part of his testimony is as follows:

It was probably about mid-March when the C-130 prop plane arrived at the Naval Air Station [at Guantanamo Bay in eastern Cuba]. From the NAS we travelled by boat along dense jungle lined canal to the Naval Station and site of the Marine Barracks. . . . [The rifle platoon] was quartered in the large yellow metal building where the guns were stored . . .

It was a beautiful, clear Summer day, hot . . . I was looking in the direction of the ocean . . . I saw two pterosaurs . . . flying together at low altitude, perhaps 100 feet, very close in range from where I was standing, so that I had a perfectly clear view of them. . . .

The rhythm of their large wings was very graceful, slow . . . The structure and the texture of the wings appeared to be very similar to that of bats: particularly in that the struts of the wings emanated from a “hand” as fingers would ; except that a couple of the fingers were short (as for grasping) and the other ran out to the tip of the wing, others back to the trailing edge of the wing to stretch the wing membrane as a kite would.

Comparing Kuhn’s Sighting with Hodgkinson’s Sighting

We’re not talking about snakes that glide from high in one tree to not as high in another tree. We don’t mean lizards that have wing-like membranes that allow them to glide. We cryptozoologists who have studied many eyewitness accounts of apparent living pterosaurs . . .

U. S. Marine's sketch of two pterosaurs observed in Cuba

Sketch drawn by the pterosaur eyewitness Eskin C. Kuhn

Pterosaurs in Cuba

“Carson’s 1965 sighting and Kuhn’s 1971 sighting were at the U. S. military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Both sightings were in daylight. The head crest is very similar in the two sketches.”