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“Monster X Radio” Interview of Jonathan Whitcomb

I was delighted with the two hour interview I had with the two hosts of the Monster X Radio online broadcast: “Johnny Bigfoot” and Shane Corson. We did not get into any details about the Marfa Lights of Texas, but we did discuss the bioluminescent-pterosaur concept, and Susan Wooten mentioned her experiences watching the Bingham Lights of South Carolina.

The first part of the first hour covered the two ropen expeditions of 2004, with eyewitness interviews on Umboi Island.

Quoting from the interview:


“Maybe, Shane, I should go a little bit into some of the ideas that have been floating around and thrown out by skeptics . . . One of them is about, well, people are just misidentifying flying foxes. That’s one of the oldest: I heard of that way back in 2004; I think that was already an old idea. But this is one of the examples: You see, these seven boys were terrified at this creature that was not a flying fox because they would not have been scared of it.

“One of the things I did when I went up there was my interpreter and I handed out . . . slingshots. . . . [so] they can more easily shoot the flying fox fruit bats and make them into soup . . . the people there would not misidentify something like a fruit bat [They would not be] afraid of a fruit bat flying over a lake. That’s kind of ridiculous. That’s their dinner, you know; they’re not afraid of dinner.

“Gideon was absolutely sure there were no feathers. When I asked him about feathers, he gave me the strangest look like there’s something wrong with me . . . ‘There’s no feathers’ [quoting Gideon].

“Sometimes people . . . use the word ‘bird,’ . . . it’s a flying creature that’s not a bat but it’s not really a bird . . . [It] has no feathers . . . These were three eyewitnesses that were there at the same time [by Lake Pung, around 1994].


Explaining Marfa Lights

Those “mystery lights” are probably the bioluminescent glow of nocturnal flying predators, probably hunting the Big Brown bat or other prey at night . . .  I suspect that  Hendricks had witnessed a ropen-like [pterosaur] . . .


Jonathan Whitcomb Interviewed re. Pterosaur Sightings

“I asked [Gideon], ‘How big were the wings?’ . . . he said, ‘seven meters,’ which is a huge wingspan. . . . It actually turned out to be . . . one wing, and he said that the tail was seven meters [long]. . . . The wingspan would be . . . close to forty-five feet.


Pterosaurs in Southern California

On March 18, 2013, I compared eight sighting reports of apparent pterosaurs in Southern California. . . . Not one of those sightings was very far from a storm channel or stream bed.