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distances from soldier to camera in Ptp photograph

Resources on the Civil War Monster Photo

By the cryptozoology author Jonathan Whitcomb

Be careful not to confuse the old Ptp photograph with the Freakylinks TV show promotional hoax photo. Notice the differences below:

authentic photograph (left) compared with hoax photo (on right)

The photo on the right, a hoax, was made in imitation of the original genuine photo (on left)


Before listing online resources on the old Ptp photograph, let’s briefly go over one of the evidences of authenticity: accurate distances from soldier to camera. (We have no need to examine the hoax-photo connected with the Freakylinks television show, for that is a known hoax, from about the year 2001.)

distances from soldier to camera in Ptp photograph

Coded for back-soldiers (five of them) and front-soldier (one)

I (Jonathan Whitcomb) found that both belt buckles and buttons, when magnified, showed that FS was actually closer to the camera than other soldiers. In addition, the back soldiers had some consistency with each other, in that same sense.

This is consistent with the idea that the men were actually standing together when a photograph was recorded. It is not likely such distance-accuracy would have been both planned and executed by a hoaxer in pasting soldiers onto a background.


Resources on the Civil War “Pterodactyl” Photograph


Scott Norman and the “Pterodactyl” Photograph

The sighting by American explorer Scott Norman relates to the Ptp photo in this way: Both of the animals appeared to have been a Pteranodon.


Pterodactyl Photograph With Civil War Soldiers

It mentions the difference between the recent hoax-photo and the older genuine photograph. It also briefly deals with the vertical eye pupil in Ptp and shadow consistency.


Civil War Pterodactyl Photo or a Fake?

This blog post quotes from the cryptozoology book Modern Pterosaurs, although it is certainly not restricted to quoting from that publication.

The chapters quoted were #3 (Credibility of eyewitnesses) and #7 (Photo of a pterosaur). Here’s a small part from Chapter 3:

Most of the eyewitness reports in the previous chapter were sent to me many years after the encounters. That can appear to damage their credibility, for memory is known to fade over time and become distorted. To get a more balanced perspective, consider the following reports, sent to me soon after the encounters.



It mentions the book Modern Pterosaurs. In the section “Reply to Skeptics,” it explains why a hoaxer would not paste images of soldiers onto another photograph. It also mentions one of the evidences of authenticity found by the American physicist Clifford Paiva.

In the section “World-View Influence on Personal Interpretations,” personal assumptions are dealt with: how prior ideas about extinctions influence how we see the photograph Ptp.

It also has a section titled “Confusion From a More-Recent Photo.” This refers to the more-recent hoax photo (for a TV show) and to how it imitated the older genuine photo.


“Flying Dinosaur” Shot by Civil War Soldiers

This is a brief book review of the nonfiction Modern Pterosaurs, quoting from Chapters One, Two, and Seven. A sighting in Melbourne, Australia, is mentioned and why it is difficult to get a photo of a flying pterosaur, especially when a person is driving.


Photographie d’un ptérosaure moderne (French language)

La photographie plus ancienne est appelée “Ptp”. Celui de droite a été réalisé pour une émission de télévision. La similitude a causé de la confusion. Certaines personnes ont pensé que Ptp est un canular.


A Civil War Monster Photograph

This is a long article on how an American got involved in living-pterosaur research and about the expedition of 2004, on Umboi Island, and how it relates to the Ptp photograph.

Later, it quotes from the book Modern Pterosaurs: Title page, Introduction, and Chapter 7. It shows how a tree branch under the beak of the apparent Pteranodon was a prop used to keep the soldier’s foot steady. This is evidence the photo is old, probably older than about 1870.


The Original Civil War Pterosaur Photograph

The photograph now called “Ptp” has been around for a long time, possibly in one or more books in the mid-20th century, according to a number of persons who report remembering it.