Are Flying Reptiles Alive? The U. S. Marine Eskin C. Kuhn observed these two flying creatures at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 1971 What Flying Reptiles? We’re not talking about snakes that glide from high in one tree to not as high in another tree. We don’t mean lizards that have wing-like membranes that allow them to glide. We cryptozoologists who have studied many eyewitness accounts of apparent living pterosaurs---we now believe that many of those eyewitnesses did indeed see a modern living pterosaur: no misidentified bird or bat but a LIVING PTEROSAUR. Compare the sighting report by Duane Hodgkinson with the one by Eskin Kuhn. Each of these two Americans was in the United States military at the time of their encounters. Neither of these two were expecting to encounter anything like a modern living pterosaur. Both of them were amazed to learn that “pterodactyls” still live, contrary to extinction ideas. Hodgkinson and his army buddy saw one giant “pterodactyl,” in 1944, in New Guinea. Kuhn saw two large “pterodactyls,” in 1971, in Cuba. All three flying creatures had long tails. All three had prominent head crests. None of the three were like any bird or bat. Kuhn’s 1971 Sighting in Cuba  Eskin C. Kuhn had no warning when he answered his telephone on February 26, 2010. Jonathan Whitcomb questioned him about his 1971 sighting in Cuba, and found Kuhn’s answers to be consistent with what would be expected of a man who had honestly reported an experience. Nothing in Kuhn’s manner of speech or in the substance of his answers gave any hint of dishonesty. He was highly credible.  Eskin Kuhn, about 1971 Copyright 2012 Jonathan Whitcomb Sketch drawn by Eskin Kuhn, minutes after the sighting Some cryptozoologists believe in modern flying reptiles