State Elementary School Championships of Utah

Hundreds of children, with countless parents and grandparents, swarmed into the Union building at the University of Utah, early in the morning of March 12, 2016, to compete in the annual state chess tournament for elementary school students. Every participant received some kind of award, at least for participating, and some trophies were almost as big as the kids who carried them away. It was a full day of chess.

Matt with his two sons, after the tournamentMatt Larson had two sons who played in the 4th-grade division of the tournament


Fourth-Grade Pairings Near End of Tournament

The following shows the sixth-round pairings for fourth grade children. Scores are given from the first five rounds, with wins scoring one point and draws half a point. If a student got three wins, one draw, and one loss, the score would be “3½-1½.” (As of early in the morning of March 16, 2016, the finals scores of the tournament were not yet available from the United States Chess Federation.)

Chloe Parke (4½-½) versus Austin Roach (5-0)

Natal Germanov (4½-½) vs Saphire Wang (4-1)

Adam Day (4-1) versus Chendi Luo (4-1)

Andrew Garzella (4-1) vs Jared Hardy (4-1)

Nayantara Nair (4-1) vs Tyler Nielson (4-1)

Brigham Call (4-1) versus Arianna Foutz (4-1)

Tommy Carter (3½-1½) vs Anthony Hsu (3½-1½)

Alex Ikeda (3½-1½) versus Aedan Lawlor (3½-1½)

Breyton Banks (3-2) vs Tr Cohen-Rider (3-2)

Spencer Hall (3-2) versus Owen Larson (3-2)

Eddie Li (3-2) versus James McAdams (3-2)

Even Luo (3-2) vs Leif Larson (3-2)

Nat Westerman (3-2) vs Zachary Wooldridge (3-2)

Shayan Kaveh (2½-2½) vs Olivia Li (3-2)

Otto Koorernan (3-2) versus Olive Unguren (3-2)

J Christensen (3-2) vs Kyle Franklin (3-2)

James Saley (3-2) vs Zachar [Zachary?] Walton (3-2)

Bryce Jameson (3-2) vs Alex Bramwell (3-2)

Jackson Meanea (2½-2½) vs Audrey Young (2½-2½)

Nicko Molling (2½-2½) versus Nickt Hight (2½-2½)

Weston Jensen (2½-2½) vs Ellio DeForge (2-3)

Zachar [Zachary?] Brinton (2-3) vs Leila Farhart (2-3)

Rya [Ryan?] Nabrotzky (2-3) versus Rykar Peterson (2-3)

Abiga [Abigail?] Fuentes (2-3) vs Dalli [Dallin?] Jenkins (2-3)

Preston Giles (2-3) versus Hanxiao Shi (2.3)

Easton Adams (2-3) vs Maryam [Maryann?] Qadir (2-3)

Conlin Patch (2-3) vs Giese Waylon (2-3)

He Christensen (2-3) vs John Pearce (2-3)

Sarah Miyagi (2-3) versus Dillan Orr (2-3)

Gabe Auvinen (1½-3½) vs Ethan Luker (1½-3½)

Niko Cummings (1½-3½) versus Tucker Tew (1½-3½)

Dani [Daniel?] Mascarenas (1-4) vs Isabella Mejia (1-4)

Zyra Mang (1-4) versus Alexan [Alexander?] Minnock (1-4)

T Braithwaite (1-4) vs Christo [Christopher?] Bouck (1-4)

E Sarver (1-4) versus Sienna Yang (1-4)

Mika Thomas (1-4) vs Ellie Jenkins (1-4)

Slade Reid (0-4) vs Gavin Bain (0-4)


sixth-round game with two 6th graders

It can get tiring, near the end of the 6th round, concentrating on another chess game



First grade after five rounds of the chess tournament

Hundreds of children showed up at the Union building at the University of Utah, on Saturday, March 12, 2016, ready to play chess.

Elementary School Chess Tournament in Utah, 2016

At least 68 second-graders . . . and the following shows the final-round pairings for second grade students . . .

Utah Speed Championship of chess

17-year-old Kayden Troff [got] a clear victory at the University of Utah, on Saturday, February 27, 2016, in the open section of the Utah Speed Championship. Bryan Leaño placed second . . .

For beginners, the best chess book

Take the lessons in this book seriously and your ability to play chess  may advance further than if you had struggled through losing twenty  games.


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